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Underbite Core Values

Case Studies

  • A six-operatory practice collecting $1.6M a year increased to $2.4M a year by making small, strategic changes using Underbite Management’s network of providers, resources and services. The value of the practice increased from $1.25M to an estimated $2.1M in a few short weeks.
  • A mature five-operatory partnership collecting $950K per year goes awry when one partner becomes disabled. After finding a buyer, the landlord informs them that their lease will not be renewed. Underbite merges the charts of this practice into one of their offices and a strategic plan is put into place. The remaining partner now generates over $1.6M, has all his headaches eliminated, and is taking home a significantly higher income.
  • A large, multi-specialty, 22 operatory clinic in Times Square with outdated systems, technology and facilities was collecting just over $4.0M annually. After its acquisition by Underbite, the office underwent a major renovation and strategic changes to its culture, personnel, and menu of clinical services. The office now collects over 5.5M annually with a team that is heavily incentivized to see the practice grow. Happy patients are at the core of its success. No more recall cards sent by snail mail, no more paper registration forms, no more headaches!

Key executives in group

  • David Janash

    Founder and CEO

  • Simtra Recai

    Director of Office Operations

  • Heather Becker-Andres

    Director of Patient Experience

  • Rosemary Tejeda

    Area Director

  • Esida Destani

    Director of HR

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