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As the success of a business grows, so does the responsibility of each individual employee. An influx of new customers can mean the sacrifice of time from those behind your front desk to verify valid dental insurance. Employees may spend hours on the phone or buried in stacks of forms to guarantee every customer is identified, their insurance benefits validated and that billing procedures are filed accordingly. This can mean they are pulled from other tasks that could potentially be more beneficial. Lean on Underbite Dental Practice Management to handle all your dental practice insurance billing and verification needs so your employees behind the front desk can focus on the customers in your waiting room.

Dental Practice Insurance Billing and Verification

Society is already limiting personal interaction with the use of handheld devices. This technology steals valuable eye contact and threatens the foundation all businesses, which is customer satisfaction. Allow Underbite Management to relieve your front desk of those tasks that prevent the patient from receiving the interaction necessary to promote growth in your office. Not only will the responsibility of verifying insurance accounts and providing updated billing records be handled timely and efficiently, but you will also have access to the progress every step of the way.

More Than Insurance Billing and Verification

Beyond just simply verifying the insurance benefits and billing schedules of your customers, Underbite Dental Practice Management will also accept full responsibility for all concerns related to this field. Included are the maintenance of adjustments and denials, verifying credentials and carrier enrollment, payment postings and account receivables, plus necessary follow-up and claims submissions. Rest assured knowing your customers are completely taken care of both in and outside of your office. Contact Underbite Dental Practice Management for more details surrounding our full range of insurance billing and verification services.

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