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What many do not realize about dental practices is how complex the entire structure really is beyond just the services provided while in the chair. The financial process, or revenue cycle management, tracks patients from registration to scheduling appointments and then from services received to final payment. Following their visit is a crucial piece of the puzzle leading to success. If there is something missing along the way, the business will undoubtedly suffer as a result. Underbite Dental Practice Management has years of experience with revenue cycle management that not only contributes to the success of your dental practice but also alleviates the stress of handling it yourself.

Dental Practice Revenue Cycle Management

While the primary focus of any dentist office should always be their patients, it would be a disservice not to acknowledge the significance of requesting and requiring payment for services rendered. For the business to grow and to remain healthy, a firm plan must be in place surrounding revenue cycle management. From patient billing, purchasing necessary medical equipment, closing surgical claims and paying your employees, managing the revenue cycle of your business can be overwhelming. Underbite Dental Practice Management helps make that process easier.

What Revenue Cycle Management Includes

With revenue cycle management, Underbite Dental Practice Management tracks the productivity of dentists and hygienists in comparison with the number of patients treated. Business decisions are based solely on data that supports them, not guesses. Metrics are monitored and assessed to determine the number of new visits, number of charges and successful payments. A productivity ratio is also provided. The possibilities are endless surrounding the world of revenue cycle management, so contact Underbite Dental Practice Management today. Discover how your business can benefit from our strategic methods of monitoring and encouraging growth for your dental practice.

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