Dental Practice Mergers & Acquisitions

Since 2011, Underbite Dental Practice Management has helped numerous practices grow while improving the patient experience and improving the work-life balance for our partner dentists. With the careful implementation of our resources and policies and alignment of beliefs and goals, we will take your business to the next level.

We are particular about the “bones” of each of our partner practices. First and foremost, we look for an ambitious, committed team that shares our core values of putting the patient first, and demonstrates a keen ability and willingness to grow. Consideration is given to the mix of patients, procedures and case acceptance rates. We explore where we can expand the repertoire of services offered, looking specifically for opportunities to combat inefficiencies and areas that would benefit from our resources.

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Dental Practice Management

Underbite provides a comprehensive slate of services and solutions for diverse dental practices, including specialty and general dental offices. Our experienced team provides strategic counsel and develops individualized programs for each business we work with, including monitoring tools, employee training, and revenue cycle checklists.

Services include:

-Human Resources
-Revenue Cycle Management
-Expansion Strategy
-Insurance Billing & Verification
-Compliance Reviews


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